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What up people I'm Biño Fuego MUsick™ born Brandin A. Marshall and I'm a artist of hip-hop music. I started into music since I came out the womb as I recall my first word was many words because it was a song.... YES!!! I song my first words and from there I was into music but I guess it's in my genes because I come from a family of great musicians from my grandfather "Smooth E" to my uncle and Philly urban legend "Grand Tone" also his daughter and distant cousin of mine "Dj Diamond Kuts" and thats not all my aunt Louise Parker maybe the most recognized in her time as one of the greatest opera singers in the WORLD she has past but still left a legacy of music in my family. So next up is me and I'm not here to be the best around I been loving music since a child so I'm not here to be the best thats not why I do this and I do not do this for fun but for the love and the passion I have for it... Like the days I was young and heard Marvin Gaye play from my father stereo it was the most amazing voices I heard and became my fave artist. I still hear his voice singing to me threw my speakers just one of the greatest artist to ever sing on the mic and actually I wanted to sing but I just did not have the voice, So as I got older to around 11 and 12 my Bro showed me how to rap and from there I practiced and made my way here to today making my push to give ya'll great music and some freestyles. I just hope ya'll like it or love it instead of hate it or dislike it. So peace to you and God Bless You. I'm Out.


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Hoop season is around the corner! #NBA #GoSpursGo

Hoop season is around the corner! #NBA #GoSpursGo

Posted on September/12/2014
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Posted on September/11/2014

Posted on August/31/2014

Posted on August/30/2014

Posted on August/29/2014